Let's Make Rabbits - read and create

We had some rabbits visit our classroom. 
(The 2 week old rabbits were the definition of cuteness.)

It was time for a bunny book.

One of my favourites is an oldie and a goodie.

Let's Make Rabbits
written and illustrated by Leo Lionni
published by Pantheon Books (1982)

beginning words
"Good morning," said the scissors to the pencil.  
"What shall we do today?"
"Let's make rabbits," said the pencil.

summary The scissors and the pencil decided to make some rabbits. 

As soon as they did, the rabbits became the best of friends.

When they got hungry, they called for something to eat, and the scissors and pencils obliged.

The next time they were hungry, they called and called for the scissors and the pencil to make them something to eat.  They even looked off the page for a tasty morsel.

They find a real carrot - which leads to a bit of a miracle.

why I love this book   I love the simplicity of the text and the illustrations standing alone on the white background.  And the hint of a miracle at the end of the story. 

Since there is a pencil rabbit and a scissors rabbit, it makes sense to make pencil and scissors rabbits.  

pencil rabbits
First Grade Blue Skies has a bunny directed drawing.  There's even a video to show you how it's done.
Raising Our Kids  and Art for Kids Hub also have rabbit directed drawings. 

These rabbits from The Art Teacher's Closet were painted by grade one students. Love the floppy ear. 

Patti, the art genius at at Deep Space Sparkle, also painted rabbits with first grade children. 

scissor rabbits
Provide rabbits "parts" cut from scrapbook paper

so that they can "make rabbits".

Second grade artists used templates to cut out rabbit parts; another rabbit art project from Patti at Deep Space Sparkle.

Leaving you with a little bit of bunny cuteness.  Two week old baby bunnies are seriously cute.



  1. I love all the different bunny art. I have never heard of this book. Thanks for sharing.
    Chickadee Jubilee

    1. It's not one of the most well known Leo Lionni books, but it has his trademark gentle text with a touch of magic.

  2. I had not heard of this book before either, but I love Lionni! Those bunnies are just adorable!!

    Not Just Child's Play

    1. Lionni is one of my favourite children's authors too.

  3. Thanks for sharing this book. It's PERFECT for this time of year. Plus, I love the photo you posted of the bunnies.

  4. I love Lionni, but somehow I have never seen this book! Thank you so much for introducing it to me and for sharing it at Booknificent Thursday!


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