learning how to tie knots

My student teacher is a cub leader.

Her cub pack just won a knot tying challenge.

I figured we should put her knot tying teaching abilities to good use in kindergarten.

Miss Jane cut a rope into 18 inch long pieces.  (Actually, one of her Cub Scouts did it for her!)

Sticks and drift wood are perfect for tying together, or using as an anchor for the rope.

The fisherman's knot was class favourite.

Sometimes new knots were "invented".

And other times, the rope became a snail's shell.

There are a number of online knot tying tutorial if your knot tying is not quite to Cub Scout standard.

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  1. That's really cool. I never would have thought to introduce knot tying to young kids. I bet they were intrigued.


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