Reggio inspired alphabet lines

I have been thinking about changing my alphabet frieze in the classroom for a couple of weeks.

Then numbers 1 - 6 fell down.

And that settled it!

The alphabet had to go.

Time for something new.  Time for something less manufactured and more organic.

I went looking for inspiration.

photographs of clay letters from The Simplicity of Learning

child-parent participation alphabet project made with found parts 

photos of kid created letters from TeachingOnTheVerge

student drawn, cut out and glittered up letters from School 33 Reggio Emilia Atelerista Blog

co-constructed beautiful stuff alphabet from TransformEd

beautiful sewn letters (upper and lower case) available from Crunch Farm Baby

kid painted backgrounds for each letter for a word wall from crayons, wands and building blocks

 Fairy Dust Teaching shared some Reggio inspired alphabets found at Rosa Parks PreSchool.

So many ideas burbling in my brain ...

What do you think will work?

What is do-able?

Thank goodness we are only on day 4 of summer holidays!

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  1. I like the ones that appear to be made out of buttons and pasta. The ones right above the stuffed fabric letters. you have me thinking. :)

    1. I like those too. I like the bright buttons. Wonder what you are going to make ....

  2. I love this idea! The ones that caught my eye were the clay ones.

    1. Wouldn't the photos make a beautiful chart - or book, or ...

  3. I have always loved the Reggio-like Alphabet friezes! What about incorporating your awesome sensory boxes? You probably have a sensory box that reflects each letter- the kids could glue pieces from that box on a corresponding letter. Fine motor, sensory + alphabet!
    The Meek Moose

  4. Hi Sandi, Happy Summer. I loved the clay letters. This year we made letters using driftwood and then took black/white photos of them. It actually happened because some of the children started spelling names using our huge basket of driftwood.

    Looking forward to what your kiddos make in the new year.



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