Stick and Stone - and sticks and stones

Looking for a sweet book about friendship?

Stick and Stone
author: Beth Ferry
illustrator: Tom Lichtenheld
publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers (April, 2015)

the book begins
Stick. Stone. Lonely. Alone. A zero. A one. Alone is no fun. 

Stick and Stone are unhappily lonely.
Until one day Stick sticks up for Stone against Pinecone's unkind words. Friendship blossoms
and they enjoy fun and adventure together until a fierce storm separates them.
The story ends happily for the 2 friends - and Pinecone  - who has undergone an attitude adjustment.

why I love this book
I bought this book by accident.  As much as you can actually buy something by accident.  I thought that it was another book when, very quickly, putting in my June Scholastic order.  Happy mistake.

1. Tom Lichtenheld's illustrations bring the story alive.  (I did not realize how many of our kindergarten go-to books he has illustrated.)
2. Beth Ferry's gently rolling rhyming text.
3. Stick speaks out against Pinecone's mean words.  The message is not overly didactic, but not so subtle that it floats over wee heads.
4. The story would work equally as well as a class read aloud, a lap-time read and snuggle book, and a read to yourself (in kindergarten there are 3 ways to read - read the words, read the pictures and retell the story) book.
5. I like sticks and stones.

book extensions

Here's a quick read from Psychology Today why playing with sticks is good for kids.

Have a stick collection.  

They are fabulous props for all sorts of games.

There are so many things you can do with a stick - it really is nature's perfect toy -- Housing a Forest.

Beautiful stick wind chimes  -- Happy Hooligans

Painting patterns on sticks - art, math and a beautiful building tool --  Tutus & Teaparties

Or use loom bands to pattern or make math sentences -- Creative Star Learning

Paint the ends of sticks  -- they can be used for all sorts of building and math games -- Creative Star Learning 

                           More stick related math.  Sticks are perfect for measuring and for size comparisons -- rubber boots and elf shoes

Build a fort/den/forest home with sticks  --  One Time Through for Rainy Day 


Have a stone collection. Smooth stones, spotted stones, shiny stones, painted stones ...

Use stones for children's names  -- Stimulating Learning with Rachel

Create words with alphabet rocks --  Childhood 101.  When I made alphabet rocks, I put them in their own separate basket and included them in a variety of interesting (at least I though so) invitations to explore. No takers.  As soon as I mixed them up with other rocks, they were suddenly an item of curiosity.

Use number rocks for hands on numeral and quantity activities  --  Fun-A-Day

Stones are a great story telling prop  --  Small Potatoes

Stones make lovely strawberries -- rubber boots and elf shoes

Create lines and shapes and all sorts of possibilities -- Creative Star Learning
see how You Clever Monkey was inspired by white line rocks 

Create beautiful rock towers - Chocolate Muffin Tree

A couple of "stick" and "stone" books that come with a k-kids seal of approval.  Click on the graphic to go to the Goodreads summary and reviews.



  1. Love these book and activities! So fun when you can do something in relation to the books you're reading.

    I'm stopping over from Booknificent Thursdays

    I wanted to invite you to join the Cozy Reading Spot, we share posts on what has been on our hearts, minds and bookshelves, and I think you'd be a great addition to our community. Stop by any time this weekend, if you want.


    Cozy Reading Spot on Reading List

    1. Thanks for the invitation - I will be checking our your Cozy Reading Spot soon.

  2. The illustrations remind me of the book Spoon, which we enjoy. I love how you gave ideas on kids activities too. My daughter loves painting. We haven't gone outside for sticks and stones, just leaves. That is a good idea.

    1. I will have to check out Spoon. I love Amy Krouse Rosenthal's book Exclamation Mark. Happy stick and stone painting.

  3. Wow! Great post. I love all these ideas. I'm pinning!

  4. I love an accidental purchase that turns into a favorite! It's such a treat! Thanks for sharing this book at Booknificent Thursday on! I appreciate reading your thoughts on it.


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