spider web art project

We have been fascinated by spiders and their webs this year.

We made spider hats, twig leg spiders, trapped bugs in webs and wrapped them in "silk" before turning their insides into milkshakes and slurping them up.

We sang multiple versions of the Itsy Bitsy spider, and enjoyed Charlotte Diamond's beautiful song Spider Web.

We were inspired by Let's Lasso the Moon's spider web art project.

So inspired, we had to make our own version.

materials used
water colour paper
wax crayons (blue, purple, teal, black)
liquid watercolours (red, yellow, orange)

The kids drew spider webs onto the water colour paper.  (We had already practiced on scrap paper.)

We used darker colours since the kids had a hard time seeing white crayon on the white paper.

This was the kids' first time this year using the liquid water colours.

We learned that red brush is for the red paint.

We learned to wipe the brush off on the top of the paint container.

We learned that a little liquid water colour paint goes a long way.

We saw how the colours can meet and make a new colour.

We learned that artists are thoughtful about the colour choices that they make, but never so serious that the joy of creating fades away.

The kids created their fall colour backgrounds according to their inner muse.

Salt was added to the wet paintings - if the artist wanted.

Finished and ready to catch some unsuspecting bugs. (Aren't they beautiful!?!)

Here's a real spider creating it's web. Amazing.

Looking for other spider activities?

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  1. Those ARE beautiful! Great video too. I always feel a pang of guilt when I break a spider web. They work so hard on them!

    1. The k-kids even said that they would not break spider webs any more after watching the video!


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