Remembrance Day poppies

A simple to prepare and make: beautiful poppies for children to make for  Remembrance Day.

In Canada we honour those who fought and died in service of their country every November 11.

This is a tough concept for many of my k-kids to understand.  It's a balance between learning to honour and respect the sacrifices that others made and make in order that they are safe, and honouring and respecting the children's innocence.  The innocence that people have died to protect.

Part of our learning about the sacrifices and sadness of war, is learning that many people were hurt and died.  Many of the soldiers were buried in fields of poppies.  In making and wearing poppies we remember them.

This year we made Kandinsky inspired poppies.

I cut 3 different sizes (2, 3 and 4" squares) of 3 different shades of red paper.  We saw that red is not just red.  There are different  reds.

The k-kids chose one of each. Their choice of colour of red.

 We are learning to cut "curvy corners".

It's a tricky fine motor skill to move the paper at the some time as manipulating the scissors.

The three circles are glued on each other.

A black fingerprint in the middle completes the poppy.

As with humanity, each poppy is made from the same parts, yet is unique.  And each is perfect in its imperfections.

May we learn to live in peace.



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