simple Christmas angel ornaments

Sometimes simple is best.  

Easy to make angels - capture the simple magic of the Christmas season.

Honestly, a Christmas craft does not get much easier than this.  Which is a good thing, since I volunteered the k-kids to make enough angels to decorate a Christmas tree located in our school foyer that invites families to donate a gift for a child who won't have much under the tree. Children make angels to encourage others to be Christmas angels for children.

Each angel needs 3 pieces of paper.

A 1 1/2 inch square becomes the angel's head.

I used multicultural skin tone paper. Other years I have used pinkish and brownish contruction paper.

Four "curvy corners" transform a square into an angel's head.  

This skill is harder than it looks -  spatial understanding to make the curve concave and fine motor skill to get the scissors to curve.

The second piece of paper is the angel's body. A 2 1/2 inch by 3 inch rectangle.

This time we had to make a slight diagonal cut. 

The head is glued to the top of the angel's body.

Wings are the last piece of paper needed to make the angel. We used 3 inch square shiny paper. I have thought about using wrapping paper instead. 

A diagonal cut changes the square into 2 triangles. 

One of the triangles is glued onto the back of the body to make wings. 

Hung on the tree, it makes a simply beautiful Christmas tree ornament. 


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  1. Simple is good. Especially around Christmas! I like how your school as set up a tree to gather gifts for those in need :) Our school collects mittens and scarves.


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