star sensory bin

Stars are touched with mystery and magic.  

They are tiny and beautiful, and at the same time immense and unfathomable.

We use them for determining direction, have made up stories about them, and have beliefs about their position determining the course of our lives.

And simple enough to put in a bin and explore with our senses.

dyed star pasta
small blue glass marbles (Michaels)
stars - table scatter, foil, wooden
glass gems
cut up bead garland
star shaped containers and candle holders

I reused the base  that I used for our How to Catch a Star story retelling bin -- liquid water colour dyed star pasta, blue marbles and star table scatter.

And then I wanted to add a variety of different textures of stars.  While I was in Michael's, I sent my husband on a star hunt (he does not like my non-goal oriented walking up and down the aisles to see what I need, so this worked perfectly - he had a goal and I had some browsing time).

Different textures for the fingers and the eyes.

Containers and scoops and/or spoons are important equipment for every sensory bin.

Thrift shops are a wonderful resource for both.

This time we used a collector teaspoon, a mustard spoon (thrift shop treasures) and the cutest little hand tongs that I found on a ferry gift shop (my daughter did not appreciate my delight in them!).

The red stars are Ikea - another sensory bin treasure trove. And another place where I need to give my husband a goal so that I can wander around and see what finds its way into my basket. 

Looking to make some stars?

painted star garland from Picklebums
5 pointed origami star from Homemade Gifts Made Easy
origami lucky stars from Red Ted Art
glue star sun catchers from Simple Fun for Kids
cinnamon stick stars from Mom 4 Real



  1. Beautiful as usual:)
    I love how you "handled" your husband. Don't tell me him I said that, haha!

    1. Umm, yes, you can remove the "me" before "him". My typing fingers got away from me.

    2. He is always much better when I give him a "task" so that he can be goal oriented. I know that he loves me since he will go to markets with me.

  2. I love sensory bins...oops i mean my son loves sensory bins and this ones pretty neat!


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