ice cream art

It's always a good time to celebrate with ice cream. 

We were getting ready to make ice cream and learning about colour and line getting ready to paint like Jackson Pollock - the perfect opportunity to make rainbow ripple ice cream cones. 

First step was to make the cone. We talked about the different shape cones (which ones taste best!). And then someone said that there were also waffle bowls.  

The kids cut and decorated their cones. Decorated cones taste better.  

Each child had a pre-cut (yes, I know - don't do their work for them or stifle their creativity - but our focus was on colour and line, not shape or cutting).

There was a variety of paint "flavours". 

The kids created their lines by dragging string held in clothes pins across the ice cream paper. They could also make the string "dance" on their paper if they wanted random lines.  The artists chose how many colours they wanted on their ice creams. 

Some kids dripped/flicked the paint with the craft sticks. One wee artist was quite delighted that she make some drips land at the very end of our 8 foot long table.

When the paint was dry, we added some sparkle to our ice cream. 

The kids dripped on glue with a craft stick,

added their glitter colour(s), 

and shook off the glitter where it did not stick to the glue. 

Colourful, shimmery, ice cream.

Doesn't they look yummy - almost good enough to eat.

While engaged in this activity, the kids
think like artists
are aware of the effect of colour and line in a piece of art
learn about abstract art
learn about the artist Jackson Pollock
practice fine motor skills

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  1. I love those! You've inspired me to make some ice cream clipart:)

    1. oooooh - cool - can't wait to see them :)


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