snail learning activities

This is the year that snails caught our curiosity and imagination.

Their shells are delightfully fascinating. And the way they move - cool.  And their antennae.

Once our curiosity was piqued, there was so much learning to uncover.

Snails need a home.

Time for some research

and snail habitat construction.

After building a snail habitat, populating it with residents, and observing our snails, 

it was time to learn some basic snail anatomy. 

Find snail facts [here]. 

Investigating snail anatomy led to creating snails with play dough and loose parts.

And being intrigued by swirls.

Swirl by Swirl by Joyce Sidman and illustrated by Beth Krommes is a fascinating book to read and to pore over the illustrations  -- even if you are not intrigued by swirls. 

To truly experience the wonder of a swirl, we had to make them. 

Making snail cookies gave us an opportunity for kindness. Each child made a couple of cookies - we invited our big buddies to visit and enjoy snail cookies with us. 

Swirls inspired creativity with paper plates and paint. 

And that got us back to thinking about snails --  and creating art inspired by the Masters.

A fascination with snails  led us to so much learning :
learning from books
research skills
snail habitat
snail feeding habits
snail anatomy
observation of a living thing
fine motor skills
Matisse and Kandinsky


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