painting fall tree

Fall trees are just so beautiful. The kindergarten kids looked at the trees as artists, and saw the colours of the leaves and the lines of the branches.

As artists, we knew we wanted to paint those trees - highlighting both the lines of the branches and the colours of the changing leaves.

We looked at the colours of some of the leaves on the trees in our school grounds. We discovered that we needed a variety of colours of paint for the leaves. We discovered that there was not just one colour of leaves on many trees - there were lots of colours of leaves on the same tree.

Each child decided what colours they wanted on the leaves on their tree

and how and where those colours should be on the paper.

Sponges work wonderfully to mix the colours and create texture. 

We cut out the fall foliage, and turned out attention to the trunk and branches. 

While we were outside, we looked at tree bark, and noticed the colours we saw. 

The children used sponges (texture again) to paint bark, and then I used a paper cutter to cut thick trunk sized pieces, 

medium and small branch size pieces. 

The kids chose a trunk, the right number of medium branches for their tree, and then added small branches. 

The results were stunning.

They each had different coloured foliage,

different structure to the branches,

and different shapes to the foliage.

Each tree a creation of line and colour.


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