playing penguins

Today we played penguins - Emperor penguins.

When the kidlets came into class, their first job was to make a penguin head band.

The penguins came complete with personality!

When all the penguins were suited up, the fun began!

The mommy penguins gave the eggs to the daddy penguins to take care of, reminding them to take good care of the eggs, not to let the eggs drop on the ice and to keep a sharp look out for skuas.
Then the mommy penguins went out for dinner for 2 months. 
  While the mommies were busy eating fish and krill (fishy crackers and popcorn) the daddy penguins huddled together to stay warm, and took very good care of their eggs.  Soon the eggs began to crack and the baby penguins were born.
All the mommy penguins came back from the ocean, took over baby duties and gave the dads a chance to grab a bite to eat.  

After the dads had a chance to feed in the ocean, both parents took turns taking care of their baby and going to the ocean to eat.  They even pretended to regurgitate to feed their babies.  

The kids spent the rest of the day waddling .

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