sensory box blitz

Today I spent  the day with a group of Kindergarten teachers putting together theme based play boxes and sensory boxes that can rotate through our classrooms.  

We scrounged up books, puppets, puzzles, dress ups, and toys.

We found glass rocks, aquarium rocks, sand, moss and dyed rice (neon food colouring is awesome). 

And then we went shopping for extra bits and pieces -  consignment store, dollar store and toy store.

Putting everything together and seeing the boxes grow and develop personality was a lot of fun.

beach box - sand, glass rocks, rocks, shells

space box - black rocks, marbles, shiny confetti, balls, aluminum foil tart shells, Star Wars guy, puzzle ball (the white domes fit together to make a ball), glow in the dark stars

 jungle box - green rice with green glitter, green buttons, toy trees, animals

pirate box - blue and purple dyed rice, shells, gold coins, Playmobil pirate characters

transportation - sand, wooden house and vehicle set

I Spy the Colour Blue box 

fairy princess fantasy box - pink and purple dyed rice, small jewels, sparkly star shapes, 
playmobil fantasy set

knights and dragons box - face cards (love this!) coin set, Playmobil knights and dragon set

bug box - florists moss, vanilla potpourri, plastic bugs

dinosaur box - sand, florists moss, toy dinosaurs, plastic volcano

An impressive accomplishment for the day.   I think our kids will love them.

Well done ladies!

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