why rubber boots - the real reason

Yes, I love my rubber boots.  My newest pair is black with white polka dots  - which is not really all that exciting - but they have 3 bows on the back.  That's what sold me.  

But that is not the real reason that my blog has "rubber boots" in it's name.

Rubber boots stand for one of the things that I believe is important for young children's learning and my kindergarten program - playing outside.   

I am very fortunate to teach at  a school that has a raised bed veggie garden and a  forested area on school property, and is a (longish) walk from the beach and a 52 acre forest with a variety of ecosystems. We have a lot of "outside" to enjoy. 

Jenny from let the children play states the many benefits to playing outside simply and eloquently from the child's point of view, and kindly gave me permission to share her writing. 

When I play outside:

I take risks

I face challenges

I solve problems

I make choices

I belong

I learn about my world

I discover and explore

I experiment

I imagine

I create

I take responsibility

I collaborate, communicate and co-operate

I lead

I can be noisy, messy and adventurous

I am independent

I am resilient

My body is strong

I learn about the natural world

I invent

I build

I am calmer and less anxious

I have a strong immune system

I wonder

I feel good about myself

I can be wild

I can be still

I find out what my body can do

I observe, I smell, I listen, I touch, I taste

I focus and concentrate

I feel connected to the natural world

I watch things grow

I explore mathematical and scientific concepts

I solve conflicts

I pretend

I am motivated

I am curious

I am master of my universe

I am healthy

I make up stories

I master physical skills

I have fun

Outdoor Play is NOT a waste of time

Give me long stretches of time for unhurried, unstructured play outdoors.

It makes me happier, healthier, stronger and smarter.

That covers a pretty good chunk of my curriculum!  Take some notebooks and pencils outside with us, and I think we can cover everything!

One of my goals - seemingly every year - is to spend more time playing and learning outside. 
(me with sea lettuce at the beach in my
you-can-see-me-anywhere-on-the beach-shirt and my kindergarten sunhat)
Grab those rubber boots ...


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  2. I love my rubber boots too - in fact I just bought a new pair for preschool last week. After weeks of rain our outdoor area is an enormous mud patch!


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