day 100 - it's finally here

The 100th day of kindergarten has come and gone.  Lots of fun.  Lots of work.  Good thing it's Friday!

To set the celebration mood, 

I set up a "party door"
 (thanks to Growing Kinders for the inspiration)

and wore my party clothes 
(inspiration from Simply Modern Mom).

We made 100 (small) cookies.

We looked for the 100 pennies that Zero the Hero hid while the kids were at Music.

(sorry this picture is upside down - the front side of the penny chart was crowded with children).

The children threaded the 100 fruit loops that they had counted the day before.

My wonderful partner in fun (the other k teacher at our school) made a snack for all the children to enjoy. I did not get a chance to take a picture; this is from Crazy for Kindergarten who inspired us to make them for our kids.  A total hit and super yummy.

We read my favourite 100 book.

Finally, we put together baggies of 100 snacks  - ten items from each of 10 trays 
(to take home and enjoy).

Next year, I think that I might do it differently - build in a bit more accountability.  I really like the grid that  Kathleen from Growing Kinders uses with her students.

It was a fun first 100 days ...

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