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This week we indulged our inner sillies (actually, not too inner) and enjoyed some books about (giggle, snicker) underwear.

We started off with a lift the flap giggler - What Colour is your Underwear. I thought its simple text and story line was a bit young for kindergarten kidlets, but they enjoyed it anyway. And it is a great book for beginning readers who are reading the words as well as the pictures. 

Claire Freedman and and Ben Cort are a winning combination with their Underpants series.  Those aliens, dinosaurs  and pirates and their quest for underpants are worth a few guffaws.

We have our own clothesline filled with undies, hoping that the aliens will come and visit.

Animals in underwear appeals to our sense of the ridiculous.  

Elephants, snakes and chickens, with their underwear woes, cause a commotion in The Animal Undie Ball.  Luckily, the king of the jungle finds a solution. 

Underwear helps grumpy Bismark the buffalo cheer up and enjoy his undies.  Underwear! is good fun for all. 

It's fun to visit The Underpants Zoo; sadly it is closed for the rest of the afternoon - one of the animals has ants in his pants!

Todd Parr is fabulous.  His Underwear Dos and Don'ts lives up to his reputation. Animals in Underwear ABC is officially a board book.  My usually far-too-grown-up-for-board-books kindergarten kids giggle their way through the alphabet. 

The kidlets have been enjoying Todd Parr's underwear app on the iPad. At only 99 cents, you get a lot of laughs per penny.

In case underwear is feeling under appreciated, there is a book to sing its praises.  Ode to Underwear celebrates  everything from tighty-whities to baggy-saggies and everything in between. 

The last book we read, Charlie's Superhero Underpants by Paul Bright, is about a small boy whose superhero underpants are whisked off the clothesline by a capricious wind.  Charlie needs to reclaim his super undies and is willing to travel the world in order to do so.  He is finally successful and negotiates a trade for their return.  POW!
We voted on our favourite book.  My predictions did not come to pass - I thought they would like the aliens or Charlie, but they proved me wrong and  What Colour is Your Underwear came out the favourite!

I made a pocket chart label for each book and an "underwear" book box label to share. 

Click here for page one, here to for page two and here to download page 3.  


Without even looking (I was in the bookstore looking for a Piggie and Elephant book) I found 2 more  underwear books!

The veggies in Farmer John's field see his undies flapping on the clothesline - and are intrigued.  Not knowing exactly how to wear them, they become Veggies with Wedgies

A lazy chameleon inadvertently becomes a Brief Thief when he does his business and realizes that he has run out of toilet paper.  His conscience does not let him leave the soiled briefs tossed away; he scrubs them and leaves them on a bush to dry, where they are found by their original owner.  Laughter virtually guaranteed with the surprise ending. 

Both books were thoroughly enjoyed by my kindergarten underwear book experts



  1. I LOVE Charlie's Superhero Underpants! I was so glad to find that book last year. My kiddos love it too.

    Kinder Kraziness

  2. I got Charlie's Superhero Underpants from Scholastic last year, and it has jumped to my fave underpants book. I guess my kidlets currently prefer slapstick to sophistication!

  3. Such a cute post!! Love it! Following your fab blog now!


    1. Hi - and thanks for dropping by. Looking forward to visiting your blog.

  4. Super cute! Love this list, just pinned it :)
    -Reshama @ tackingbooks

  5. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I could never come up with this many books about underwear! Ha!!! Well done! Thanks for sharing this with us at Booknificent Thursday! Loved it!

    1. The fun/intriguing/sad/delightful thing is that I own all but 2 of them - and they are on my please-have-these-at-the-thrift-shop list!


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