oviparous visitors

Our class has been over run with oviparous visitors.  In a good way.

In the last couple of school days we have had gecko, turtles, a bearded dragon and day old chicks come and visit.

One of the classroom moms breeds geckos  - current count is 26 geckos in the house.  She brought 5 of her mellowest geckos for a visit.  All the kids got to hold one - they were thrilled.

One of the geckos was ready to molt.  We got to watch as Deanna peeled the skin off the very delighted gecko - no more itching!  She also brought some almost full gecko skins. It was fascinatiing to see the markings on the skin and the little "hands".  Very cool!

Deanna also brought a couple of gecko eggs.  She selectively breeds her geckos for colouring.  The eggs are kept in vermiculite inside a climate controlled styrofoam incubator.

We were lucky to have 2 turtle visits.

Earl the turtle was a roadside rescue.  His family found him injured on the side of the highway, took him to the vet and then took him home and nursed him back to health.  He is now a thoroughly spoiled turtle! Earl was not the typical slow turtle; he scooted across the plastic sheet we put out for him, heading each time towards the Franklin books!

Tank was named after the tank that he lives in.  He was named by a 5 year old boy!  Tank was happiest hiding out in his shell.  

Spike is a bearded dragon.  We found that the spikes around his head were hard, but the rest of them were pretty soft.  Spike likes to eat crickets and meal worms, and he loves fruit.  Strawberries, cantaloupe and apples are his favourites.

For a break from the reptiles, we had a visit from the cutest day old chicks.

We may have one more visitor this week. If Mister Slithers finishes moulting (apparently moulting makes him cranky), we might just have a visiting  snake.

Check out these videos of a chick hatching. 

the one minute version

the five minute version

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