nature sensory table

the sensory table next door

My next-door-neighbour at school is a preschool.  I could not ask for better neighbours.  I learn so much from them.

Last week I popped into the preschool to chat about something (of great importance, no doubt!).

And this is what I saw in their sand table.

Looking closer, I saw a world of wonder.

 variety of colours and textures of the mosses is amazing

 succulents have a lovely texture

a pansy  plant and shells were added to the moss 

glass pebbles add a different texture and light

 an oregano plant provides a lovely olfactory sensory element

one of the students brought the yellow flower to add to the moss world
the bark arch adds a new texture and a bridge for dwellers of this world

The pre-school teachers told me that their students brought most of the elements in their moss world.

I'm inspired.  The kids and I will create our own moss world this week.  Looking forward to seeing what we create.


  1. We did this last week. We also added some sticks with moss on them, stones with moss and plastic insects from the dollar store. Hope you make it for your kinders. I put a clipboard nearby and two students made sketches. We did moss sculptures in the fall, they were delightful. Have fun. Liz :)

  2. sounds fabulous Liz. Last year I made a moss world and put plastic bugs in it. THis year I am thinking that we should make 2 containers worth - one as a bug world and one for fairies.

  3. Sandi,

    I was at Michaels yesterday and picked up a tube of fairies to add to our moss centre. They are going to be such a hit! Great minds think alike!

    Liz :)


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