not your usual Easter egg hunt

Our Easter bunny hops a little off the beaten track.  He hops off the chocolate track.  But he LOVES reading - kind of like kindergarten kids love books and stories and reading!

So, our Easter bunny hides abc eggs.  And the kidlets loved hunting for the letter eggs.

We borrowed a couple of Easter bunnies from our big buddy class.  Armed with 26 letters and a couple of rolls of tape, they went out to the playground and adjacent forest and did played Easter bunny. 

My favourite hiding spot was under the slide!

The kidlets were also prepared for their mission; bunny on heads and clipboard with alphabet sheet in hand.  I used a free Easter font from

another "tricky" font for the kidlets to decipher

And the kids went hunting .... and recording.

Not one complaint about the lack of chocolate!  (I did put some chocolate eggs in the bunny baskets that they made - but they did not know that at the time.)

wishing you and those you love a blessed Easter


  1. What a really cool idea for emerging readers.

  2. Tag! You're it! Come check out my blog to see how to play!

  3. I am your newest follower! I found your blog through TBTS.


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  5. I LOVE this Easter Egg Hunt! I have left a little surprise for you at my blog:


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