rubber boots and worms

Spring has not quite sprung here yet. We live in hope that the sun will find us for more than a couple of minutes in between showers.

So we are still in our rubber boots.

There are some new rubber boots on the playground.

Pink polka dots in the puddles ...

Spidey times two ...

While the puddles are always busy when we play outside, and the kids love to build forts in the forest, some days,  wet ground + children (in rubber boots) = worm hunting

The class frogs ate well!

crossing my fingers for good weather for the Easter egg hunt tomorrow (if you hunt, how do you organize your Easter egg hunt?)


  1. Oh dear poor worms - mine are luckily given a reprieve to live another day. We had our egg hunt indoors yesterday & it was great fun,we hid tiny chocolate eggs everywhere around the classroom. e had a paper egg hunt the week before in the forest too. hope your goes well. Kierna

  2. Kierna - fogs eating worms - I guess it is all part of the food chain. The kids love to feed the frogs. We did put the red wigglers into the compost and the frogs only got the big earthworms.
    Sounds like your egg hunts were lots of fun

    rubber boots and elf shoes


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