forest morning

One forest. Sixty some kids. Three teachers.  A sprinkling of adults.  A wonderful morning.

In our little town, we are ever so fortunate to have the forest and the beach in our back yards.  Today three classes walked to the forest together.

Many indigenous wild flowers are in bloom right now.  While we walked on the trails and played in the meadow, the kidlets very carefully looked for the different wildflowers; they are keen observers.

 These lady slippers were in dappled shade beside our path.

There is a meadow (big enough for 60 kids to play in) surrounded by forest. These brave little camus were blooming there.  The First Nations people used to dig up the camus and roast the bulb rather like potatoes. 
 On a bluff at the edge of the forest, sea thrift and camus bloomed together.

We also found animal life.

This owl feather was amazing.

And we made time to play.
balancing and bouncing on fallen tree limbs

 this little guy said "I was born to climb!"

find the boy in the forest

I would love to (and plan to) spend more time in the forest playing and learning with the kidlets.

Check out this forest kindergarten in Scotland.

ps For lots of wonderful outdoor play ideas, click over to Learning for Life's outdoor play link up.


  1. What a great morning. We visited Somenos Marsh last Friday, released some frogs and played in the forest. It was great fun. We are so lucky to live on such a beautiful island.

  2. Amazing. What experiences you provide for your little ones. That owl feather was so beautiful. There is another preschool that is help entirely in the woods, I think it's in Seattle. I'll have to look.

    First in Maine

  3. Love it Sandi & it's always weird to see people in a forest setting without rain gear & wellies! Would you consider adding this post to the outdoor play link up that I host with Mama Peapod, Greening Sam & Avery & The Golden Gleam? Kierna

  4. Wow! What a beautiful field trip. We have a forest path beside our school that runs beside a creek. It's not very long but the kids and I love walking through there.
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers

  5. What a beautiful morning for your students! Thank you for encouraging them to explore and love the outdoors! I hope my daughter gets similar experiences in school. Thank you for linking up to the Outdoor Play Party! I hope you come back again tomorrow.


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