ice cream poem freebie

sometimes the way to a kindergarten brain is through the stomach

While we were making ice cream last week, we also were doing a lot of reading about ice cream.

These were the kids' fave ice cream books (they were pretty evenly divided).  My favourite is Simply Delicious.

We read one of Hubbard's Cupboard's sight word books titled Foods I Like.

It is available as a free download in English, Spanish, French and German. There is also a colour teacher version in colour and smaller pictures to use in a pocket chart.  Michelle is wonderful!

We have also been enjoying a fun poem with a little bit of ice cream at the end. (Sorry, the poem underneath shows through a bit.)

Click the image for a free download of the poem.

The second last line is:  I like ice cream, I like stew.

My kinder-colleague used the coolest contraption when she made ice cream with her kidlets.  The cream mixture goes into a canister on one side of the ball.  On the other side there is an opening for the ice and salt.  Then you roll the ball around until there is ice cream.  This is on my list of "I really want one of these".

Had any ice cream fun with your kidlets?



  1. That's the coolest ice-cream maker I've ever seen. It looks like a hamster ball:))
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers

    1. Isn't it cool! The kids had a great time rolling it around in a circle. I REALLY want one!


  2. I have made ice cream in baggies before. But this gadget looks way better and so cool!!
    Conversations in Literacy

  3. I love starting off the year with "I Like" poems.
    Thanks for linking up, Sandi!

  4. This is perfect for me brand new firsties coming on Thursday! I'm adding the ice cream maker to my list too! Hmm we used to use a coffee can and plastic baggies....oops do they have metal coffee cans anymore?

    1. What a wonderful way to start the year.



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