beach trip

We are incredibly fortunate.

We live nestled between the forest and the Pacific Ocean.

Last week we went and explored the beach.

 the sand flats where we found sand dollars and geo (pronounced gooey) ducks

under the rocks where the crabs live

sticks are good for overturning rocks

to see who is living underneath

checking out starfish hiding in the rocks

we found some good finds
a house for a hermit crab

fish gills

fish skeleton

it's good to explore outside


  1. This is so different than anything I am used to. I love how blogging opens your eyes up to all the different ways Kindergarten is taught and experienced.

  2. Are you able to just up and head to the beach? I am so envious of this and the bread making among other things. I think I will do this with my kids this summer to make me feel better. I hope you know how lucky and how wise you are.

    1. We are very lucky to live where we do - the beach is a 20 minute walk from the school in one direction and we have a forest a 15 minute walk in another direction.


    2. We live close to the beach too, but we'd have to get permission slips and stuff to just head there.

    3. We need permission slips too. We can get a "community walks" permission slip - anywhere that we can walk to is covered by that one permission slip. But we always tell parents ahead of time - so the kids have appropriate clothing and we want/need parent helpers!

  3. Love the fish skeleton - what a find! Looking forward to other beach day this week.

  4. We're going tomorrow, can't wait!

    Liz :)

  5. which beach do you go to LIz?



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