pool noodle swords

my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to ... defend yourself with a pool noodle

A couple of week ago, I bought one or two pool noodles.

We have been building with them, using them as incline planes for marbles, telescopes, armrests - but that's another post.

I also wanted to make some noodle swords for the kidlets to be able to play with outside.

Amy at muddy boots has a fabulous tutorial how to make very fancy lightsabers.

Here are my less-than-fancy but fully functional, noodle swords.

Noodle swording does have some fairly serious rules.

1.  Swords are for playing not for hurting. Anyone is hitting for hurting is de-sworded.

2. You can only hit someone who also has a sword in their hand.

3. If you have a sword in your hand, please expect someone to hit you.

4.  Hitting is only allowed between shoulders and toes.  Anyone who forgets this rule will be de-sworded.

5.  When you are finished with the sword, it needs to be returned to the sword bin.

Let the swording begin ....

on guard ...

battle on the foredeck

one for all and all for one ...

and my personal favourite

I think our fortress/ship/castle is well defended, 


  1. Love it Sandi! I discovered the joy of pool noodles this year too & we have been having so much fun with them. I take it you cut yours in half for the swords? Mmmm I may have to try this one for next years class. Thanks for adding this to the link up.

    1. Kierna - I cut the pool noodles in half, but they still seemed a bit too long. So I chopped a bit off each half, and the kidlets are using those bits as building blocks. I think I will enjoy a couple of days this summer cutting and glueing pool noodles to make some fun playing/learning toys.


  2. Looks like a great one for using up some energy at a birthday party too. Do join me on my Country Kids linky too, such a great idea.

    1. thanks for the invitation - clicking on over


    2. Thank you for joining me, hope you will again. Linky is every Saturday and open till Thursday.

  3. What a great idea as mine hardly use them in the pool now and you can buy them for £1.
    Looks like they all had so much fun.

  4. I know my boys would love this, liking the rules you created too. Thanks for your comments as well about using the off cuts for building blocks that's a great idea


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