more pirate fun

Arrrrgh matey!

We have been enjoying pirate fun for the last days of kindergarten.

Parrots, bandanas, telescopes, swords, walking the plank, hooks, peg legs and most of all "aye, aye captain" have been the order of the day.

Pirates are such a fun theme to fill the classroom with rich language and math opportunities.  (I know that in real life pirates were and are violent and ruthless lawbreakers.  We do talk about that, and then decide that we will have fun with pretend pirates.)

An Ikea ice cube tray and some jewels, pearls and skulls (from a dollar store pirate bracelet) "mark the spot".

Pop up Pirate is a lot of fun, and a good opportunity to practice taking turns.

The surprise hit this year was a pirate based snakes and ladders game from a dollar store.  You're not going to find me complaining when kids are wanting to count, add, subtract, do one to one correspondence and figure out how close they are to 100.

The kids loved creating and recreating Pirate Island.  There are some lift the flap surprises on the island which make for more fun. I like listening in on the stories that they create.  And I grin from ear to ear hearing them use "story language", knowing that they have internalized how a story is pieced together and works.  This flannel board set (and a whole bunch of other ones) is available through Fun Felt.

We also made Deanna Jump's pirates.  I think they each have so much personality and look fabulous.

Click on over to check out our pirate sensory bin and grab a free pirate poem printable.

that's where you say "aye, aye, captain"


  1. I am a huge fan of the pirate theme! Thanks for sharing your pirate ideas!! :)

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. love the pirate art - especially the facial expressions

  3. I love the cute pirate theme items, very cute. I have nominated you for one lovely blog award. Come on over and pick it up. I am your newest follower.



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