marble run + water = fun

This week, the marbleworks have been getting a little wet.

A couple of weeks ago I followed a link about creating learning spaces in small spaces and found Arlee's blog, Small Potatoes.  Happily not content with reading one post, I settled in for a good explore of her blog.  And found this gem - waterworks.

The kids have enjoyed this "new and improved" version of marbles.

pour the water from the bottle and see where it goes

chase the marble with the water to make it go faster


or attach the bottle to the marble works and fill it up that way

 watch how the water comes out the sides

The kidlets and I say thank you for this fabulous idea, Arlee.



  1. That does look like fun. Whose idea was it? I have a wooden marble set but will defintely look around the school this morning to see who has plastic. Are you joining the book club this summer about Guided Math? I purchased the book some time ago and want to chime in once school is done. Liz

    1. Hi Liz
      I found the marbles and water idea from

      I have been following the technology book study and hope to catch up once school is finished and I come up for air.

      enjoy the last week with your kidlets


  2. May I ask where you got that marble run? It's a great one!

    1. It is from Discovery Toys. Lots of great pieces and it is good and tough.



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