jellybean stew

a present can make your whole day

I was given a fabulous gift by the the pre-school teacher who has the classroom beside mine.

It was something that I had been wanting a looooong time.  At least 15 months!

And as she was cleaning out her room, she just popped into my room and gave them to me.

I was dance-happy.

Now I'll be able to make jellybean stew with the kidlets.

I saw this at a conference a little over a year ago, and have been looking for jellybeans from that moment on.

a bit of driftwood, or a stump, or a circle of rocks
an old pot
some wooden spoons
some wooden bowls

and we will be ready to cook 
and eat

a jellybean bag to take home

 Here is the recipe for jelly bean stew. Click on each of the images for a free printable.

Print as four to a page for the "send home" size.

I guess you pick jellybeans from the jellybean plants to make stew, 'cause jellybeans grow from seeds.

Just make sure you don't burn the stew!


  1. So funny Sandi that we really don't live far from each other but met online.
    I was at that conference and set up that play invite as well as several others in the room.
    You can check out my blog post about it
    Glad you found the jelly beans, happy cooking.

    1. Very cool jellybean stew play. Looks like the kids very having a great time.
      I took pictures of all the play invitations at the conference - and have introduced a number of them into my classroom. It kick started me into have at least one sensory bin in the room all the time. I still want to paint story rocks - if i felt at all artistic it would not seem so daunting!
      I am registered for the conference in October - see you there?


  2. Thank you .... wondered where the jelly beans that had magically appeared on my desk had come from! I knew from you, but wondered where on earth you had found them...yay...will have to thank your next door neighbour. Made me smile in excitement! :)

  3. Your kids are going to LOVe that activity -- so much fun!

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers

  4. Oh how I wish I could make jellybean stew too! Liz :)


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