words worth remembering Wednesday

During my "catch up on what the blogging world is up to time" this morning I visited Olwyn from Teaching in Turtlepond.

Her post was titled - Words Worth Remembering Wednesday.

I thought that was a wonderful idea, and borrowed it.

Here are my words that jumped out at me on Wednesday

A dear friend of mine has a sister who has just been told that she has weeks to live.  Growing older is a privilege that is denied her.  Kinda puts those wrinkles I begrudge into perspective.

source: Bitsotruth

So, with each day that I have the privilege of growing older, 
I hope that I will 
carpe the hell out of the diem.

Thanks for the idea, Olwyn.

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  1. I love the first one. Now that I'm in my 50s I have to give myself a shake every now and then and remind myself how lucky I am to be healthy and growing older :))

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