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Aaaaaah - I've finally come up for air.

We finished school for the summer on Friday, and I finaaaalllly got my room sorted and organized enough for the janitor to do his summer clean.

So, I'm back to aaaaargh matey and a pirate printable that has been in the works for a couple of weeks.

Way, waaaay back when, there was a McCracken predictable big book called I am a Pirate.  (Like anything McCracken, it is worth acquiring, if you can get your hands on it.)

Cindy at the VIrtual Vine recreated a free printable book from the out of print original.  Scroll down and click on the link "The Pirate Book".

I made a student version.  This is what the students start out with.  It gets more colourful.

Here's the colour.

And here's your free printable.

Every child needs a copy of the pirate - it's legal paper sized.

The "book" part that is stapled on the bottom is formatted so that you get books for three children per set of photocopies.  So, if you have 24 kidlets, you will need 8 sets of copies.  Cut with the paper cutter, staple onto the bottom of your pirate page, and you're ready to sail the seven seas.  Aaaaaargh!

Click on the pirate image to download your free printable.  Remember, it's legal sized paper.

Here is the booklet part.  Back to regular 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper.

There ye be, mateys.  A wee bit of treasure from my chest.  Arrrrrgh.


  1. We do a pirate theme in my classroom so I am loving this booklet! Thanks for sharing!! :)

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

    1. Hope your kids enjoy it! I also put it in the pocket chart so that we can do it as a class activity


  2. I wish the McCrackens were still making stuff. Do you remember going to all their workshops back in the day? I bought tons of their books and cards:)

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers

    1. i went to their workshops whenever they were in Victoria or Vancouver. I think I have most of their books and pocket chart cards. My pocket charts and stand actually was ordered from them! My favourites are the cards that fill the whole pocket chart and then you retell the story. It is sad that their materials are no longer available. They are fabulous teaching resources.


  3. Hi Sandi,
    They were wonderful presenters and I had the privilege of seeing them present a handful of times- I have many of their song books and even a couple of their books. They were true masters of their craft.
    THanks for sharing their work.
    I believe that both of them have passed away now- I am not sure about that but fairly certain. They were my teaching mentors as a younger teacher.
    Regards from Sunny Alberta,

    1. I agree, the McCrackens were true masters of their craft - I always felt inspired and invigorated to return to the classroom after one of their workshops. I also heard that they had both passed away. It is sad that all their fabulous resources are no longer available - none of their children carried on the business and it was not sold to anyone who is selling their products. : (
      I grew up in Edmonton and have many happy memories there. Enjoy the big sky for me.



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