back to school: a poem

reading is one of our super powers

I like my new batch of kidlets to see themselves as readers from the get go.

So, if they were not convinced of their reading ability before coming in the door, it's my job to let them know that reading is one of their super powers.

We start with a bag.  A nice soft red treasure bag from Ikea when  had it's castle kids' stuff.  Love that store.

Inside that bag is a red apple, a yellow bus and some white felt.  

It does not take long before one of my new kidlets with the superpower of observation, notices that there is a picture of an apple and a bus in the pocket chart.  

A kidlet with a making connections super power will figure out that the white felt is clouds for a blue sky.  We will find some blue paper.  

Then we can " read" our objects.  First literal, then symbolic.  

Pretty soon (like a couple of minutes) the reading superpower is very apparent.  The kids want to read the pocket chart. 

The lucky helper of the day gets to hold the magic reading stick (even those with super powers can use a little magic) and points to each word as we read it.  

The next day there is a new treasure bag - blue this time. 

Inside this one are some fall leaves, some crayons and a bunch of question marks.  

And some more words and pictures in the pocket chart. 

Those superpowers come into play again; observation and connections.

We can read the objects, mix them all up, put them back in the correct order, read the words, and own our super powers.  

Here's the full poem.  We only read the first two verses.  But I really like all of them.  Click the image for a free one page download.

Here's a colour copy of the poem to print out for your kidlets.

And, a black and white version for photocopying. 

enjoy the rest of August before "It's September!"


  1. I Love this poem, Sandi. I think it will be my first one back.
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers

  2. I love this and now that I get to focus on Kinder I'll be stalking you all over again. :-)

  3. I absolutely love your idea!!! I have just discovered your blog and I love your work so far! I will try and do a poem like this in my language Greek for the kids!


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