the making of a sensory box: made it Monday

My kidlets have spent a fair bit of the summer at the beach.

So, I am bringing the beach to kindergarten.  In a rubber maid container.  

step one
From the beach. Raid a sandbox, Construction sand.  It's all good.  But beach is best.

step two
Plastic aquarium plants.
Shells.  From the beach.  Or if that's not possible, Walmart sells packages of shells.

step three
Rocks.  Anyone can find rocks. Beach glass.  Walmart (believe it or not!)

step four
Stuff that catches the light and the imagination - glass gems - blue, green, clear, big, little ...

step five
Beach critters. Plastic ones.  I seem to have a lot of turtles.  And some sea lions.  Want  starfish and sand dollars.

step six

They add the magic.

the two girls worked together for about 40 minutes and created this beautiful tableau

It's Monday.

And I made it.

Go see what other people made with Tara at Fourth Grade Frolics.

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  1. I love this sensory bin and have a similiar one ready for the first week (stones and driftwood are also in mine) I also put shells and driftwood at the science table for exploration and made a sand jar with seawater,beach sand and some shells & plastic beach critters.

    Liz :)


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