not the jitters, just Jitterbug

I am in denial.

It's a nice place to be.

It's not really just over 2 weeks until school starts again.

Summer is just going to keep on going and going and going ....

As a result, I don't really have the back to school jitters yet.

All that really goes through my head when I think the word "jitters" is Wake Me Up Before you Go Go by WHAM.

But if I did have the jitters, they might look something like this.

Thanks for throwing a jitter party, Jessica.  Are you playing WHAM?

A Turn To Learn


  1. I always miss my kiddos too! :) I'm excited to actually take my kiddos outside to learn this year too-we've had construction going on for awhile now, but they're finally done-yeah! :)


  2. Since I work with multiple grade levels, I don't miss them until we send them to the high school. I go across the street to visit them to make sure they are doing okay in the high school.

    Thinking Out Loud

    1. I love seeing "my" kidlets grow up and go to high school and graduate - but I am not quite ready to have a second generation kindergarten student yet.


  3. I totally get that same feeling...letting go of those kiddos is a hard thing, but today was "Meet the Teacher" and I LOVE it when they come back and let me know who they got and how they love me so! bittersweet for sure!

  4. It's hard to send them off to their new grade. We have our kids until Friday morning and then they go to their new classes. I won't even be doing the sending off this year (sniff sniff), it will be my Friday teacher.
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    1. We do the same thing. I love having my "old" kids back for the first few days. I think it is so much easier on everyone. I hope that your Friday teacher sends your kids off with lots of love and hugs from you.



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