measuring with pumpkins

How many pumpkins tall are you?

Today we measured in pumpkins.

Yup, orange, round things, grow on a vine, used to make jack-o-lanterns.

one of our prized pumpkins from the school garden

What are we learning?
numeral recognition
numeral printing
counting by 5s
counting on
non-standard measurement 
(a first step in learning measurement before using standard measurement tools)

First the kidlets measured themselves on the pumpkin measuring chart.  

Our very tall principal even got in on the measuring fun!

Each child recorded their pumpkin height.  

Click [here] for your free download.  It make a great class book.

In the afternoon we measured with pumpkin measuring sticks.

Sometimes I put out a bunch of random objects from the classroom  for the kids to measure. 

Sometimes they explore the classroom to find things that they are curious to measure. 

Usually we find a "big" project that we need to work together to measure. Today I was the big project! Sadly (not really!!) there are no photos to share of that measurement experience! 

Click on the graphic for a pumpkin measuring stick free download.  

Print, laminate and measure.



  1. We do that too!! Thank you for the measuring freebie.
    Grade ONEderful
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  2. Thanks Sandi! I'm your newest follower! :)

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  4. This is so great! Thank you! I'm linked up as well and am a follower!

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  5. Awesome activity. I love your pumpkin measuring sticks. I'll be featuring it on the Kids' Co-op Facebook page on Monday morning. Thanks for linking up! Malia {Playdough to Plato}

  6. So much fun! Makes me wish I was back in the classroom:). Enjoy these beautiful fall days!


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