Matisse inspired snail art

As we were investigating snails, the children were surprised to learn that a famous artist was intrigued by the same garden snails that caught our imagination. 

Matisse's daughter said that her father made many drawings of snails, and that his work The Snail (1953) came out of these drawings.

Before we we ready to paint with scissors like Matisse, we did some reading.

author and illustrator - Jeanette Winter
publisher - Beach Lane Books (2013)
Goodreads summary and reviews

We learned that Matisse became a lawyer when he grew up, just like Kandinsky. When he was 30, Matisse was ill, and his mother gave him some art supplies so that he had something to do while he was recovering. Again, like Kandinsky, he decided to give up being a lawyer and become an artist. As he grew older, Matisse was bedridden and could no longer paint. Instead he painted with scissors and created bold, colourful art with painted cutouts. 

more reading about Matisse and his work
author and illustrator - Jo Saxton
publisher - Frances Lincoln Children Books (2010)

authors - Jeong yi Kee and Hangul Ddang
illustrator - Mi-ran Yang
English edition edited by - Scott Forbes
publisher - big and SMALL (2016)

creating snails inspired by Matisse
We began our snail art by cutting the edges off 81/2x11" paper, and glueing it onto brightly coloured background paper, creating a frame.

The children chose a snail "body"

cut it into a snail body shape.

and glued it onto their framed background. 

I drew a snail spiral on the paper (if the artist requested one).

Then it was time for snail shell glueing. 

The kids chose the colours and shapes that they wanted. 

There were pattern snails.

Snails with all the colours. 

All bright, beautiful and full of movement. 

Interested in more snail art ...

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