pumpkin fun - with golf tees

Today we did a little pumpkin construction.

We did not construct pumpkins.  We practiced our construction skills on pumpkins.

Hammering skills to be precise.

First the guts needed to be removed.

I cut the top off the pumpkin.   The kidlets did a fine job scooping out the seeds and pulp.

Some chose to use the spoon.

Others liked to get right in there with their hands.

Roasted pumpkin seeds for snack tomorrow.  Yum.

Once the pumpkin was de-gutted, it was construction time.

Golf tees, a furniture hammer, concentration, turn-taking, eye-hand co-ordination, self regulation...

And we have a pumpkin that will be full of holes (once the tees are take out).

I have a surprise for this pumpkin for Halloween.  Can't wait to see the kidlets' faces.  Heck, I can't wait to see it!  

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  1. Okay, I love that idea! I have 6 little pumpkins that were used as table decorations and a husband who golfs WAY too much, so this is the perfect idea for me!
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