looking for Dracula

If you go looking for Dracula, you must go in disguise ...

First you need a cape, and a set of fangs from Halloween...

And you also need binoculars...

Looking for Dracula
But I'm not afraid
I've got  binoculars
I've got my cape and my fangs.

And so the adventure goes.

Charlotte Diamond has taken the traditional chant - Going on a Bear Hunt, and spookified it.  With fabulous results.  Intrepid adventurers tackle a spooky swamp, a huge lake and a haunted house.  I can't tell you how it ends - that would ruin the fun.  But, everyone is safe, promise.

Looking for Dracula is available through Amazon and itunes for 99 cents.  It is off the CD 10 Carrot Diamond; in my opinion it is worth buying the CD, there are so many amazing, do wonderful things in the classroom with, play forever in the car, songs.

This class has their binoculars at the ready and some fun actions.

Great mood setting.  Add your own actions.


We are ready to go looking for Dracula.

Are you?


  1. Are those bat binnoculars? So much fun!

    Liz :)

    1. yes, Liz. Toilet paper rolls with a bat glued on top!


  2. Who wouldn't want bat binoculars? LOVE them!


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