buttons - a multi-purpose classroom essential

We have been revisiting Pete the Cat since we came back from Christmas break.

He has such a good attitude; the beginning of a new year seemed a good time to spend some time with Pete and his wise words.

Did he cry?  Goodness no!

Stuff may come and stuff may go.

It's all good.

Pete had a wee bit of surgery, and got himself a brand new belly button. Thanks to Maureen at StrongStart for the belly button inspiration.

That sparked a renewed interest in our button basket.

I have been finding buttons everywhere.  Used for just about everything.

button stew

cupcakes with button sprinkles

cream and buttons with your tea?

button money (in a wallet)

button money - legal tender in a hot chocolate cookie shop

buttons in a box

And to think that I put the buttons in the basket for counting and sorting!

Thanks Pete, you've inspired us to use our imagination muscle.


  1. Annie and I love Pete's new belly button. You've inspired us to take care of our own Pete so that he is never without a button. Thanks!

    First in Maine

    1. Hoping that your Pete is sporting a fine new belly button :)


  2. Pete's belly button made me smile! Thanks!


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