Pete's belly button

We are loving Pete's new belly button.

It inspired me to pull out the Pete button materials that I made last year.  

Click on the graphic to go to the original post to download a free copy.

matching sets  0-5

button sets 1-5 with math signs and single buttons

button patterning

and a lift the flap Pete's groovy shirt and belly button book

Last year we ran out of time to make the Pete's shirt book.  

But not this year.  

This year's kidlets did not want to expose their belly buttons to the camera, so we used buttons.  It's all good.  

All the Petes are up in the hallways, ready to be admired by all.  

When they have done their time guarding the hallway, they will join all our other class books in the Kindergarten Books book bin.  

Here's the book cover page that I put together.  Click on the image for your own copy. 

All of this button business wears out a groovy blue cat.


  1. Pete just looks SO cute with his special belly button! I like your flip book, too.
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  2. Pete seems to have a new lease on life with his belly button1



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