repurpose binders into clipboards

Happy Thursday.

Last  summer I made some clipboards for my class. 

I just made a few more since they end up being used in all sorts of projects,
and I still want a class set left for instruction.

here's the story

My box of clipboards was driving me mental. 

The clipboards did not fit into the box.  
The strings with the pencils attached got all tangled.  
The pencils fell of.  
The kids complained.  
It was messy. 

I got grumpy. 

I needed a clipboard solution.

This year will be better.

I like to repurpose materials. 

With old throw-away binders, I solved the clipboard conundrum.

This one was great since it had pockets inside.

I cut off the binder part off and put it in metal recycling.

Funky purple duct tape 
(lots of cool colours and designs, but I like simple and I like purple) .
Tape around the edges.

Add clips.

And you have a fine clipboard. Actually, 2 fine clipboards.

This year, the clipboards will be in a bin, the clips will be in a basket and I have a lovely tin that used to hold chocolates that is the perfect size for the pencils.

No mess.  No tangles.  Happy teacher. 

I use all different coloured throw away binders.  
So I was worried that we would have fights 
about what colour clip board some kids felt that they needed.  
Worries unfounded - I guess the purple duct tap made them all the same!

I ended up not using the clips much.  The kids didn't need them, 
and they were one more step that we didn't need.


  1. So stinkin smart Sandi! I love me some clipboards too! I get some really cute, reasonably sized ones from Dollar Tree. I don't let the kids use THOSE ones though! I would like to invite you to come and link up with a special Back to School with Bloglovin LInky! While you are linking up, you can download a great freebie and enter to win your own personal laminator!

  2. I'm not sure which is cooler the purple duct tape or repurposing a binder into clipboards. I am voting for purple duct tape. Now I am trying to decide on what I want to repurpose. Liz :)

  3. I ended up buying my clipboards from the dollar store. Yours are way smarter and cuter:)

  4. What an excellent idea!!


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