ten top photos: kindergarten 2012-13

I like summer challenges.  (Doesn't mean I will meet those challenges!)

Daily yoga before breakfast.

Eat lots of veggies from the garden.

Take the time to enjoy cooking delicious meals.

Build a fairy garden.

Read lots of wonderful books.

some challenges/necessities I don't like ...

Sort out filing cabinet.

Organize school stuff that got dumped in the basement for the last 10 months.


I like blogging challenges.

Jen at Liv, Laugh, Love is challenging bloggers to make a Top Ten Post.

I chose a random top ten photos of the past kindergarten year.  Random, because tomorrow I might choose a completely different set of favourites. Random because there were so many top ten photos that I did not choose.

My self imposed rules are that the photos had to be capturing a moment, not creating one.  No setting up a photo, or posing in a super cute Thanksgiving turkey hat or pirate costume.  Regular kindergarten life captured by my camera.

In roughly chronological order ...

field trip to a local corn maze

setting the table for our Stone Soup lunch

a forest kitchen

superheroes make signs and write lists

I <3 it when they help each other

sticks - an original toy

a busy librarian: he built the library, acquired the books, made a scanner 
and is now ready to check out your books

wings make everything more fun

dressing the baby
very gently

how many sand dollars
do you think my friend found on the beach

I enjoyed this challenge. Loved looking at pictures of my kidlets doing their learning thing.    And it kept me from attacking the filing cabinet.

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