a week on a Turkish farm

Once upon a time (well, actually the second week in October, 2013), a flat blue cat spent a week on a Turkish farm.

Flat Pete did the usual farm things.

He visited the goats (and hoped that they did not nibble him).


Said hello to the cows.  There are only 4 cows, and they seem pretty friendly.


The chickens ran around their pen, and the roosters cock-a-doodle-doo-ed all day.


But this is a bit of an unusual farm.  Everything is grown organically and carefully planted (and weeded and loved and cared for) by hand.

The forest provides food for people (chestnuts) and animals (acorns).


Mud is used for creating buildings.


The best part - eating what we helped to grow.

Poor Pete.  Cats aren't allowed at the table!



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