counting outside in the forest

Out to the forest we went, ten groups, two by two, paper bags in hand.

Instructions were to work together to collect 10 items found in the forest - they could not choose 10 of the same thing. (We did not want 100 pinecones!)

If the kids needed to, they could use the 10 frame on the back of the bag to  make sure that they had 10 items. 

Lots of talk and language -planning where to go

conversation about what to put in the bag,   

counting what was in the bag 

and showing others what was found. 

100 items found outside.

We had 100 items, but were curious how many leaves, how many sticks, how many pinecones 

Each group of 2 showed the class their 10 items. 

We still did not know how many sticks, leaves and pinecones we had.

It was suggested that we make piles of of each - on pieces of paper.  

We had so many pinecones, we needed a basket.

Final count: 33 pinecones 
        19 sticks
        16 leaves
        14 tiny daisies
          8 rocks
          4 evergreen branches/(could not be classified as sticks since they had needles)
          3 pieces of moss
          2 sprouted seeds 
          1 piece of garbage

and one fun morning spent in the sun.

We like to take math outside. Click  on the photos to read about outdoor math learning activities.



  1. A fun and very worthwhile activity! I like how you drew the ten frame on the bag. That was clever. I'm going to try and take my class outdoors again next week. Maybe for some reading:)

    1. This weather has been amazing. I am planning some more outside learning for my kids too.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I love love using the bag to scaffold their learning. We have been doing lots of math and science outside and will be sure to include your lesson. Thanks Sandi


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