Prague: more than castles and cathedrals

Prague is an old, beautiful city in the Czech Republic.

We knew we would enjoy castles, cathedrals, and  palaces, but did not expect a carnival.

But in the Old Town Square, it was a carnival.  Not an official carnival.  But it sure felt like it.

Giant bubbles floated in the air - to soar upwards over the spires of the cathedral, or be popped by little (or not so little) hands. 

For those wanting something with a little more adrenalin than bubbles - playing with fire. 

A medeival rock band (wearing elf shoes) providing entertainment and song.

For other tastes in music, Mozart made an appearance.  Pete the Cat was pretty thrilled to meet one of his musical idols.

And the food.  

No carnival is complete without food. 

Sausage on a bun (bread) is a favourite.

And for dessert, trdelinik - an amazingly delicious dough cooked over coals and covered with a crackling of caramel and sugar.  

Prague:  a beautiful city with carnival fun.

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