Flat Pete visits Ephesus

Pete thought that Dubrovnik and Prague had old buildings. 
Then he went to Turkey.
Pete enjoyed spending a week working on an organic farm.
seeing the sights in Ephesus, Turkey

He liked the markets, saw some famous sights,

checked out some rugs, found that he did not like Turkish coffee but quiteliked çay (chai),
and thought that the cat condos were wonderful.
Pete’s imagination was captured by the ancient cities that he visited.
Ephesus is a city that is over 2500 years old.
Sitting in the amphitheatre at Ephesus, Pete thought about the people who sat exactly where he was sitting – over 2000 years ago.
What were they watching. What where their homes like. What did they like to do for work and for fun. What did they feed their cats.
Then he thought about the huge amphitheatre being “forgotten”. Bits and pieces falling apart. Soil drifting into the amphitheatre, gradually filling it up, so that it looked like there was never a place big enough for 15,000 people to sit and watch something.
Pete saw people working – trying to figure out what the amphitheatre – and other buildings and houses – had looked like when they were built.
Archeologists who carefully dig in the ground, looking for bits of old amphitheatres, homes, columns – and then put the right pieces back together like a puzzle.
After feeling like a very small feline at the amphitheatre, getting lost at the library, and not being able to read Greek, Pete decided he needed some light relief.
He went to visit the bathroom. Not the kitty litter box bathroom for cats.
The 2000 year old bathroom for people who used to live in Ephesus.
It was a pretty big bathroom. Apparently 50 people could use it at the same time. 
Underneath the seats was a stream of water that flushed everything away. They had running water, but not a lot of privacy! 
Ephesus was full of amazingly ancient, and amazingly beautiful architecture and art.
Some animals just didn’t seem to appreciate it!


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