Flat Pete likes cookies

It's a rare flat blue cat that does not want to visit a cookie factory.

Or as they call it here in Mauritius, a biscuit factory.

So off we walked, past the banana orchard, over the bridge and around  a couple of corners to the biscuit factory.

Family run operation.

Secret recipe.

Gluten free and fair trade.

Deliberately eco-friendly (the factory refuses to be added to the electricity grid - they use water and solar power.)

Pete was intrigued.

When we arived, we learned that the biscuits are not made with flour.  They are made with manioc (tapioca) flour.  In the field next to the factory, they grow cassava (Pete is checking out a cassava plant in a pot).

and harvest some of the roots. 

These are washed, grated, dehydrated and sieved to make the manioc.

The secret recipe is fairly straightforward.  Manioc,  a bit of sugar and the flavour du jour.

No liquid.  A bit of butter in the butter biscuits.  Pretty healthy.

The mixture is pressed into rectangular grids,

and cooked over a sugar cane leaf heated griddle.  

The ladies kept moving and turning the biscuits until they were a golden brown.

The packages were hand-wrapped (this lady's hands flew), and sold all over Mauritius.

We tried each of the 9 flavours with tea in the courtyard.

I liked cinnamon best.  Pete's mouth was always full, so I never did find out his favourite. 


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