Flat Pete - a sad story

with a happy ending

Pete likes living close to the edge.

He figures that cats have nine lives.

So, he figures it's okay for him to do things that creatures with only one lifetime really should not do.

But Pete came very close to cashing in his ninth life.

Right now we are in Cappadocia - it's an amazing area of southern Turkey filled with "fairy chimneys" (land forms created as a result of volcanic eruptions and erosion).

Even more amazing, people have been carving homes out of these "chimneys" (our hostel room is a cave) since Christians were hiding from Roman soldiers in the first centuries AD.


There are houses - kitchen areas, dining rooms with built in stone tables and chairs, sleeping areas, storage areas.

Back to Pete.

Pete was posing by an evil eye tree.

The evil eye goes back to pagan times when the symbol was believed to scare away bad luck.

It did not work for Pete.  It brought him bad luck.

A gust of wind blew him out of the tree and down a steep cliff.


I called to Pete to come back up.  But it was so steep he could not climb back up.

I got a stick and tried to reach him.  Sadly, no luck. 

Two nice German men tried to help Pete.  Still No luck.

Then my bus was going.  I told Pete to be brave.  I would come back for him.

And back we came.  Pete was still on the cliff.  And it was not safe to climb down to him.

We had to get Pete down to the bottom of the cliff, and then we could rescue him from there.

My fearless husband, rescuer of Blue Cats, found a stick to push Pete down the hill.

It was not long enough.  He found another stick and some rope.  We put them together and we could almost reach Pete.

A Turkish store owner came to help with a a stick, some pipe and some packing tape.  

this is my handsome Flat Pete rescuer husband
not the kind Turkish store owner
Hooray!  Pete sped down the cliff, and the kind Turkish man was not far behind.

Pete was saved!

He was allowed to go exploring inside fairy chimneys, 


but he will not be allowed to live so close to the edge again!

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  1. Phew. It would be very unfortunate and perhaps (un?)-fortuitous to lose Pete. Understood?

  2. Oh no Pete! I was reading like mad to see what happened and what the outcome would be. Can't wait to share with the kidlets as we eat lunch tomorrow and see their reaction. Glad for the happy ending...and what an adventure for Pete and those who care about him. :)

  3. What an adventure Pete had! Wonderful sights he is seeing too! So beautiful!
    Conversations in Literacy

  4. What an adventure for Pete!! My Mom Person has a son and when that son was a wee lad he had an imaginary friend named Joe Bob. Joe Bob was a mole who lived on the edge of town and sometimes fell off. Like Pete!

  5. I think it would be so cool to stay there!
    Very glad to hear Pete survived his over night adventure:)

  6. Looking through your travel posts now. Wow! What an incredible journey you're on. And Pete! Oh my, Pete! Be CAREFUL! (What troopers your hubby and the locals are to assist you in your rescue mission!!)

  7. Such a good story and I hope none of that is modeled on anything true. Those houses are fascinating.


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