African angels

What do you make with kids for them to take home to give to someone they love for Christmas when the supply cupboard is pretty bare. 

At the Makaphutu orphanage crèche (preschool) there are no cupboards or drawers brimming over with the buttons and fabric scraps, glitter, beads, paper plates, paper bags and coffee filters that I am used to. 

I did find some powdered poster paint and some heavier bond paper. And kids have hands and feet. So we had a Christmas project. 

Christmas angels.
We had about 50 angels to paint; we figured that 50 kids running around with painted hands and feet required a system. 

I recruited the help of some young Norwegians who are spending 6 months volunteering at Makaphutu and a girl who did not have school that day. 

First step:  paint the foot. 

Two of us were on hand painting duty. One for each hand.

Hand painting was a new experience for  most of these kids. 

We had a washtub set up for hand and foot washing. 

Even the Crèche Director got in in the action. 

My last year's class decided that they wanted to make angels too. 

Beautiful angels.  Beautiful children. 



  1. Those projects are beautiful! What an amazing time you must be having. Merry Christmas!

    First Grade Found Me

  2. Those are lovely, Sandi.
    Merry Christmas:)


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