reindeer cookies

It is tradition in my kindergarten class that we make reindeer cookies on the last day of school before Christmas holidays.

It’s a tradition I stick to, even if I am making cookie dough at midnight the night before.

The original recipe that I found uses a peanut butter cookie dough.  That does not work with peanut allergies in the classroom.  So I use an oatmeal cookie recipe - and I actually like how it looks better than the peanut butter cookies.

To make a reindeer cookie you need dough, chocolate chips for eyes (you could use brown m and ms, but chocolate chips are a lot cheaper), red jelly candy noses and pretzels for antlers.  

I make up a model for the kids.

A parent/adult/big kid helper calls the kids one at a time and they create their own reindeer. 

Usually I believe in the magic of kindergarten and we don’t put names on our baking.  With muffins and cookie cutter cookies - somehow the kindergarten magic works and each child gets their own baking.  

With the reindeer, I line the cookie trays with tin foil and we put initials below each child’s cookie.

I think they look p.d.c.  -- pretty darn cute.

And home they go.  Now the kidlets can be teachers and show their families how to make p.d.c. reindeer cookies.

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  1. Those are so cute. The pretzels and red noses are okay during the baking?


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