magic reindeer food

I like to send the kids home for Christmas holidays laden down with decorations for their homes, gifts for those they love, Christmas cookies (that they made) and magic reindeer food.

Last year I just ran out of time to bag it all up and put cute little labels on the front.  

And that taught me a lesson.  

Not in time management.

Not in how to function on less than 5 hours of sleep a night. 

In not doing for kids what they can do for themselves.  In giving them the space to be capable.

I had the mixture all ready in a bowl (that’s the quick part).

I put in the usual cheap as I could find oats; I added stale rice crispies (left over from making rice crispie squares) and some bird seed (left over from going for a walk to feed the birds).  I also threw in some cupcake decorating sprinkles.  I know that they are expensive and that glitter is cheaper and adds more bling -- but the glitter can really harm the birds that eat the food.  Please please please, go for the sprinkles.

During play time I put out the reindeer food. I said that I had a special source - close to the North Pole -  I was VERY lucky to get this reindeer food.  I also put out a cup measure, snack size baggies, and some cute little labels (there are LOTS online) with a stapler.

And the kids did not need me.

They scooped.

They stapled.  They put into cubbies.

And I was reminded (again) how capable children are when we give them the tools and the space. 

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  1. Love it! I try to remind myself often to not do things for the kids that they can do for themselves. It's so easy to slip into taking things out of their capable hands. There is such power in letting them do things on their own.

  2. Let them fish! I am always amazed by how much kids can teach us about how to do something more efficiently, effectively, and with more fun as well.


  3. Thanks for the "reindeer food" mixture. I don't have glitter, but do have cupcake sprinkles, so I'm excited to add something I already have on hand.

  4. Love the reindeer food idea.
    It really is amazing how much they can do without us:)

  5. Looks yummy! I would like some reindeer food!


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