Lunar New Year Dragon

Lunar New Year is all about the dragon and the bling.

So you need a dragon with a bit of pizazz.  

Pizazz on a budget (especially for a kindergarten class of 20), can be tough.  But here is an easy and effective way to make a Chinese New Year dragon. 

Each child paints a paper plate red.  Bright red.  No white spots.

When the plates are dry, the children glue 5 gold dots onto their plate.  

It's good for reinforcing the concept of 5, and that 5 objects can look different, but it is still the same quantity.  We also discover that with 20 children in the class we have 20 dragon tail plates each with 5 gold dots; that makes 100 gold dots.  

Then the dragon goes up on the wall.

I made the head by enlarging a dragon picture from some Lunar New Year teacher clipart.  Red Ted Art has a free dragon puppet printable that could be enlarged.  

A pretty impressive Lunar New Year dragon that everyone helped create.  

  Image Map


  1. Very awesome dragon, and great for a budget!

    Lovin’ Kindergarten

  2. Love it!! Thanks for sharing such a fun idea:)

  3. I LOVE this and since my dragon unit is coming up, I totally plan to do it. Thanks.

  4. That's a beautiful dragon! Where did you get the gold stickers?


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